What We Do

Every year, we run programmes and projects aimed at helping young people develop their innovative potential, gain basic skills in engineering and computer programming and inspire more young women to take up roles in STEM.

Project iSWEST

3 weeks in-person bootcamp

Project iSWEST brings together 30 high school students every summer for a 3-week intensive STEM Bootcamp covering computer Innovation and Design Thinking, Computer Programming and Arduino Programming.


8 weeks online course

SuaCode, our smartphone-based online coding course, brings together thousands of young learners from across Africa to be introduced to the basics of computer programming using just their phones.

STEM Woman of the Week

weekly features

STEM Woman of the Week (STEM WOW) celebrates the achievements of women who are crushing it in different fields of STEM by sharing their stories to encourage more young women to take up careers in STEM.  

About Nsesa Foundation

We are Ghana-based education non-profit whose goal is to create a culture of innovation and real-life problem solving among Africans.   

Our Vision

To spur an Innovation Revolution in Africa: a movement in which young people across and breadth of the continent are developing innovative solutions to problems in their communities using STEM.

Our Mission

to get Africans solving real-life problems by inspiring them to be creative, equipping them with STEM skills and tools, and coaching them to develop innovative solutions to problems in their communities.

Our Story

Our story began 9 years ago, when a group of high school friends passionate about science and technology decided to come together to share that same passion with the upcoming generation.

Recognizing the important role that science and technology has to play in the development of Africa and the lack of opportunities at the time for young students to build technology and problem solving skills, we embarked on the journey to bridge the gap.

That journey led to the official establishment of Nsesa Foundation in 2014. Over the years, thousands of young learners have benefited from our programmes and we have lots of proof of the impact of our work!

As a team, we are way past our high school days now, when our journey began but our resolve to see young people solving problems with science and technology has grown even stronger. We call ourselves Team Nsesa. 


Our Team

Our team, Team Nsesa, is made up of dedicated change-makers working from across the world. We work from 4 different continents across 5 time zones  8 cities. Even though we are wide apart, our common desire to see young people solving problems and breaking barriers with science and technologies drives us onwards towards our vision.

Founding Team

George Boateng

George Boateng


George is a doctoral researcher currently pursuing his PhD at ETH Zurich where he is working on emotion detection technologies using sensor data from smartphones and smartwatches.

Isaac Sesi

Isaac Sesi

VP, Operations

Isaac is an entrepreneur, innovator and engineer currently working on developing affordable technologies to help farmers and agribusinesses in Africa increase productivity and reduce losses. 

Victor Kumbol

Victor Kumbol

VP, Finance and Administration

Victor is a PhD Fellow at the Charité, Berlin where he studies neurodegeneration. He also develops and advocates for affordable lab equipment using open hardware to democratise research.

Executive Team

Princess Allotey

Princess Allotey


Elli Banini

Elli Banini

Project iSWEST Lead

Isaac Attuah

Isaac Attuah

Suacode Lead

Jude Arthur

Jude Arthur

Publicity Lead

Queendela Adu-Poku

Queendela Adu-Poku

Finance Lead

Raymond Obu

Raymond Obu

N-Cube Lead

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Join the Innovation Revolution by making a donation. Your kind contributions will help us sponsor more learners to participate in our programmes every year.

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