About Us

Who We Are

We are Nsesa Foundation, a non-proftit whose goal is to create a culture of innovation and real-life problem solving among Africans.  Nsesa literally means change in the Ghanaian language Twi.

Our vision is to spur an Innovation Revolution in Africa: a movement in which young people across and breadth of the continent are developing innovative solutions to problems in their communities using STEM.

Our mission is to get Africans solving real-life problems by inspiring them to be creative, equipping them with STEM skills and tools, and coaching them to develop innovative solutions to problems in their communities.


What We Do

We run annual STEM-based summer camps and year long projects for young people aimed at equipping them with skills in science, engineering, technology, innovation and business to help them identify and solve problems around them.

Here are our current programs below:

Project iSWEST

Project iSWEST

Annual Summer Camp for high school students

Project iSWEST, our flagship project is a 3-week intensive innovation boot camp for high school students in Ghana held every year in August.

The students in are given practical training in the innovation process from problem identification to prototyping solutions and building startups. They are also given basic training in computer programming, microcontroller programming and entrepreneurship.

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Innovation Hubs for practical skills training

N-Hubs(Innovation Hubs) are practical skills labs located in schools where students can gain hands-on, practical skills in a variety of fields including computer programming, electronics, microcontrollers, design and innovation, etc.

Each N-Hub is equipped with a number of computers, learning resources and electronics and microcontroller kits. The N-Hubs run throughout the school term and members of N-Hubs meet regularly to learn and work on Projects.

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Help Us Make More Impact!

Help us reach more people. Your contribution in one way or another can make a difference. See how you can get involved.


Your monetary contributions will help us sponsor more young people to partake in our programs and be equipped to solve more problems and make more impact.



By volunteering to be a mentor, facilitator or publicist in Project iSWEST or any of our other projects, you’ll be able to impact more young people directly with your skills and abilities.



By partnering with us to run STEM based programs, we are able to combine forces and resources to reach out to far more young people than we can do on our own.


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Applications for Project iSWEST 2017, our flagship  summer camp for high school students is open. Apply Now!

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