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Meet the Team

We call ourselves Team Nsesa. We are a highly motivated team of young, passionate individuals living in different places across the globe with several years of collective experience and expertise in a wide range of skills brought together by our common passion to be agents of change in Africa.

Meet Team Nsesa.

George Boateng

George Boateng


George Boateng is currently a Research Scientist at the Computer Science department of Dartmouth College. He recently graduated from Dartmouth College with an M.S. degree in Computer Engineering and a B.A in Computer Science modified with Engineering.

At Dartmouth, he was an Ernest Everett (E.E.) Just STEM Scholar, E. E. Just Graduate Fellow and Engineering Coach. As the President, he oversees the activities of Nsesa Foundation.

Isaac Sesi

Isaac Sesi

Vice President of Operations

Isaac Sesi is an entrepreneur, front end developer and embedded systems engineer. He has a BSc in Electrical/Electronic engineering from KNUST. He is the founder and CEO of Invent Electronics and Co-founder of Wires & Bytes and Nova Agrisystems.

Isaac coordinates Nsesa Foundation’s all of activities and projects in Ghana and manages our online platforms.

Victor Kumbol

Victor Kumbol

Vice President of Administration and Finance

Victor Kumbol is a pharmacist, researcher and innovator. He has BPharm from KNUST where he is currently pursuing a masters degree. Beyond his profession, Victor is passionate about harnessing technology to drive development. He is currently working on open source lab tools to reduce research costs.

Victor directs finance and administration at Nsesa Foundation.

John Kotey

John Kotey

Vice President of Development

John Kotey is a recent graduate of Columbia University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

He recently served as Director of Programs at Enza Academy where he coordinated development of the Men of Color in Technology and Innovation program endorsed by President Obama’s.

John has been named a C. P. Davis Scholar, Millennium Fellow, Google CS Edge Fellow, Google Code Next Fellow and more.

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Your monetary contributions will help us sponsor more young people to partake in our programs and be equipped to solve more problems and make more impact.



By volunteering to be a mentor, facilitator or publicist in Project iSWEST or any of our other projects, you’ll be able to impact more young people directly with your skills and abilities.



By partnering with us to run STEM based programs, we are able to combine forces and resources to reach out to far more young people than we can do on our own.


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