Allison Antiaye takes her turn on iSWEST Chronicles – Project iSWEST 2017

July 4, 2018


1. Tell Us a bit about yourself and what you are currently involved in.

I am Allison Antiaye,a first year student at Central University, Accra and currently pursuing the Bachelor of Architecture program.

2. What motivated you to apply for Project iSWEST?

After I completed high school I wanted to do something challenging and fun at the same time ( I was tired of always camping). Project ISWEST provided a great avenue and platform for that even though I was initially skeptical about joining. but i eventually enjoyed it!

3. Share some the experiences you had at Project iSWEST.

Working with my team members on our project was the most interesting experience I had at project ISWEST . It was my very  first time ever practicing something I had learnt and also the application of the knowledge gained in innovation solutions.

4. How has attending Project iSWEST impacted you?

Project ISWEST has taught me never to “judge a book by it’s cover “, implying that I should never be judgmental about people or situations. I thought I was never going to enjoy this boot-camp especially because I was not inclined to or interested in technology or it’s related fields.But in actual sense, I actually had a lot of fun and the experience was unforgettable.

5. What are your best memories from Project iSWEST?

My best memories from project ISWEST were on the days we were served “gobe ” ( bean stew with fried plantain). Those moments really united everyone. They are memories I will always cherish dearly.

6. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to consider applying for Project iSWEST?

I will advice any young person out there considering Project ISWEST not to think twice.The experience is enjoyable, and the thrill of your first invention will be unparalleled.


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