In March 2017, Eric was selected as one of 60 Young Leaders whose stories were chronicled in a historical book as part of Ghana’s 60th Independence Day anniversary celebrations. This book seeks to highlight the compelling stories of 60 Changemakers in Ghana.

He was also recognised as one of Coca-Cola’s Top 60 Young Achievers in Ghana. These awards were in recognition of the impact of his social enterprise, My Home Teacher, on the educational landscape of Ghana. My Home Teacher is a service that connects parents with teachers to get quality, private tuition for their wards at home at moderate fees. Eric Vondee founded My Home Teacher after completing Project iSWEST 2014.

He continuously reminds our team at Nsesa Foundation of Project iSWEST‘s impact. In his own words “My entrepreneurial journey started because of my enrollment in Project iSWEST. Thanks so much to the team.”