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We put a lot into making our programs a success each year. With your help we can do far more. See all the ways you can get involved and help us achieve our vision.

Donate to our cause

We commit a lot of resources each year into making sure our projects come off and are successful, even if it means Team Nsesa members having to fund our projects from their own pockets, which is not always enough. Your kind donations, no matter how small, will make a real difference and go a long way to make sure that we have enough resources to keep impacting more students and equipping them with the skills to solve problems around them.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Project iSWEST 2017. Please support this worthy cause by donating here.


Volunteer In Our Programs

The success of our projects such as Project iSWEST depends partly on other young people who are passionate about STEM who volunteer to help out with Project iSWEST one way or another. If you are passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and can spare some time between July and September you can volunteer to be a facilitator for any of our courses or be a mentor to a team. You can also help us publicize our programs or assist in anyway you think you can.

If you are interested in playing any of these roles, please fill our volunteers form here.

Partner With Us

We’re looking to partner with organizations, institutions or individuals whose goals and interest are aligned with us and work together to achieve a collective vision.

There are several ways you can partner with us. See all the ways you can partner with us.

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

There are lots of other ways you can play a part helping us impact young people.

Help Make Project iSWEST 2017 successful by donating today.

Your kind donations will surely make a difference. Support our Project iSWEST GoFundMe campaign by donating today.

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