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Info About Project iSWEST

Project iSWEST (Innovating Solutions with Engineering, Science and Technology)  is a 3-week intensive innovation bootcamp for high school students in Ghana held every year in August.

Participants are given practical and hands-on training in Computer Programming, Arduino, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

During the bootcamp, participants are grouped in teams and are tasked with identifying a problem and developing a prototype to the problem using knowledge and skills they acquired during the bootcamp. They present their projects to a panel of judges on the final day called the Pitch Day.

Since 2013 Project iSWEST has been held each year except for 2016.


Project iSWEST 2018

This year, Project iSWEST is being held from 9th to 28th July 2018 at the University of Ghana, Legon. 

Thirty students (15 male and 15 female)  from different high schools and universities across the country are participating in this year’s edition.

Project iSWEST 2018 is in two parts, namely the workshop phase and the innovation phase.

1-Week Workshop Phase

In the first part of the program, we introduce students to the innovation process and give them basic practical training in computer and Arduino programming.

The Innovation curriculum consists of areas such as Human Centred Design, Need Finding and Problem Definition, Decision Matrices and more. Students are taken through the innovation and design process from problem identification to prototyping solutions.

The Programming curriculum introduces core concepts in programming such as variables, conditionals, loops, functions and class and objects, in the Processing Language. Processing is open-source Java-based language and software. It was chosen because it is very interactive and it is easy to learn. Knowing that not all students have access to laptops, we found a way of getting them to program from their smartphones! By the end of the Programming course, students will be able to build a Pong game, right from their phones!

The Arduino curriculum includes an introduction to the Arduino platform, basic electronics, sensors and actuators and more. By the end of the Arduino course too, students will be able to design and build a prototype of a useful Agricultural device such a soil monitoring system.

2-Week Innovation Phase

In the second part of the program dubbed the innovation phase, students will apply concepts they learnt in the workshop phase to identify a real-life problem and develop prototypes of practical solutions to those problems.

The theme for this years program is “Transforming Education in Africa Through Technology.

They will work in teams and will be resourced and financed to design and prototype innovative solutions to problems they have identified in Education. Facilitators will support and consult with project groups during this phase.

Other highlights of the Innovation Phase include:

  1. An educational field trip for students to familiarize themselves with problems on the ground.
  2. Mentoring and training from both local and international experts in different fields. Some of our international experts are from Facebook and Google.
  3. Mock pitches and presentation sessions


The Pitch Day

The climax of Project iSWEST will be the final day dubbed “The Pitch Day” when students will present the solutions they worked on during the innovation phase to a panel of judges, High School officials, venture capitalists, policy makers and other dignitaries.

Teams will be assessed on the impact, sustainability, feasibility and business viability of their projects. Winning teams will be rewarded and the most viable projects will be supported to develop into startups. 

The Organizers and the Team

Project iSWEST is organized by Nsesa Foundation. Nsesa Foundation is a STEM inclined non-profit whose vision is spur what we can an “Innovation Revolution” in Africa, a movement in which young people across and breadth of the continent are developing innovative solutions to problems in their communities. We plan to achieve this vision by inspiring young people to be innovative and equipping them with tools in STEM so that they can solve problems around them and make impact others.

We’re a team of passionate African changemakers nurturing other potential change makers to make impact around them. Every year, we run several STEM based projects aimed at building the capacity and increasing the innovative potential of young people.

Our Team Members

The organization is run by Team Nsesa, a team of highly motivated young Ghanaians, passionate about creating change by promoting a culture of innovation. Nsesa literally means change in the Ghanaian language Twi. The team members are as follows:

George Boateng – President

George Boateng is an Innovator, Scientist, Engineer and Educator who not only develops solutions to real-life problems, but also mentors others to do similar. He is currently a Research Scientist at the Computer Science department of Dartmouth College where he develops mobile health applications on wearables. He recently graduated from Dartmouth College with an M.S. degree in Computer Engineering and a B.A in Computer Science modified with Engineering. At Dartmouth, he was an Ernest Everett (E.E.) Just STEM Scholar, Sophomore Science Scholar, Neukom Scholar, E. E. Just Graduate Fellow and Engineering Coach As the President, he oversees the activities of Nsesa Foundation to accomplish the organization’s vision of spurring an “Innovation Revolution” in Ghana.

Isaac Sesi – Vice President for Operations

Isaac Sesi is an entrepreneur, front end developer and embedded systems engineer. He has a BSc in Electrical/Electronic engineering from KNUST. He is the founder and CEO of Invent Electronics and Co-founder of Wires & Bytes and Nova Agrisystems. He is also Co-founder of 2EB Media, a Ghana based media company. 

Isaac was featured as one of Airtel Ghana’s STEM champions. He was also featured as one of the top 100 student entrepreneurs inn Ghana by The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE). His team won the gold prize in the MTN Apps Challenge Education category in 2017.

Isaac coordinates Nsesa Foundation’s activities and projects in Ghana and manages our online platforms.

Victor Kumbol – Vice President for Programs

Victor Kumbol is a pharmacist, researcher and innovator. He has BPharm from KNUST where he is currently pursuing a master’s degree. Beyond his profession, Victor is passionate about harnessing technology to drive research and development. He is currently working on open source lab equipment to reduce research costs. Victor coordinates research and curriculum development at Nsesa Foundation.

John Kotey – Vice President for Fundraising & Partnerships

John Kotey is a recent graduate of Columbia University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He recently served as Director of Programs at Enza Academy where he coordinated development of the Men of Color in Technology and Innovation program endorsed by President Obama’s. John has been named a C. P. Davis Scholar, Millennium Fellow, Google CS Edge Fellow, Google Code Next Fellow and more. John coordinates our fundraising efforts and relationships with partners in Ghana and all over the world.

Our Impact

Since 2013, over 60 students have participated in project iSWEST. Together they have built 7 team project and two growing companies have been founded by Project iSWEST alumni after participating in Project iSWEST. Project iSWEST Alumni continue to make impact wherever they find themselves. Most notable among them are

  • Eric Vondee – (Project iSWEST 2014 Alumni) – Eric founded his startup, My Home Teacher after attending Project iSWEST and has gone on to win several awards including The Education Startup of the Year awards in The Ghana Startup Awards 2015 organized by The African Network Of Entrepreneurs (TANOE).
  • Princess Allotey – (Project iSWEST 2014 Alumni) – Princess teamed up with other alumni of Project iSWEST 2014 to start Kids and Maths, a social enterprise dedicated to the advancement of maths education among students in Ghana. She has also won several prestigious awards including first prize at Accra SOUP and 2nd Prize in the Ghana Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition in 2017.
  • Jude Asiedu – (Project iSWEST Alumni 2017) – Jude led the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC) Team that won the MTN Apps Challenge High School Competition in 2017 with their app, Red Button. Red Button, was a Project iSWEST final project in 2015.

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