Meet Prince Steven Annor – Project iSWEST 2014

May 28, 2018


1. Tell Us a bit about yourself and what you are currently involved in.

I am Prince Steven Annor. I love to innovate and inspire others to achieve sustainable and significant goals. I am currently an undergraduate research engineer at the Applied Interactive Multimedia Laboratory of New York University Abu Dhabi, a research group that is working with diverse facets of interactive multimedia and immersive multimodal systems. I also lead the SuaCode Project at Nsesa foundation and study computer engineering at New York University Abu Dhabi.

2. What motivated you to apply for Project iSWEST?

I have always wanted to understand how systems work and engineer mine, so when I came across the Project iSWEST poster, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

3. Share some the experiences you had at Project iSWEST.

I remember the eureka moment when I finally understood the difference between return and print in Python after long hours. I also remember each experience of success and failure like when a circuit finally worked or a when program run after fixing so many errors.

4. How has attending Project iSWEST impacted you?

It has taught me how to think systematically through problems before jumping to solutions, but more importantly, it introduced me to computer programming and electronics.

5. What are your best memories from Project iSWEST?

Presenting with my team at the pitch, working on our final project overnight and drawing a business model for our product.

6. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to consider applying for Project iSWEST?

Apply and get ready to learn new things whether you have interests in engineering/computer science fields

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