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We're launching in KNUST in early October 2017. Join N-Club KNUST and learn all the basic skills you need to build your dream tech startup
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N-Clubs are innovation clubs in high schools and universities dedicated to equipping students with skills in microcontroller programming, computer programming, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The end goal is to help them start scalable, innovative tech-driven companies which solve problems facing Ghana and Africa.

Learn all the basic skills you need to build your dream tech startup while in school in a flexible self-paced custom online course complemented by regular workshop sessions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

computer programming

Computer Programming

After going through our programming curriculum, you’ll get the basics in languages such as Python and Processing which you can build upon to develop scalable software solutions to problems on the continent.

computer programming

Arduino Programming

After going through our Arduino curriculum, you’ll know how to program the Arduino and how to apply what you learn to build robust, scalable embedded systems and hardware solutions to problems on the continent.



After going through our Innovation curriculum you’ll discover the innovation process and learn how to apply it together with other human centred design methods to identify problems and build solutions to them.

computer programming


After going through our entrepreneurship curriculum, you’ll discover how to turn your solution into a commercially viable business, how to develop a business model and how to attract investors for your business.

Besides getting access to our self-paced online curriculum….

….our other activities will include:

Bi-monthly workshops for practical hands-on training

Local N-Club pitch days to source funding for ventures

Semesterly hackathons and rapid prototyping meetups.

N-Club members will also get access to:

A wide network of mentors and resource people from Facebook, Google Amazon and more.

Cutting-edge market research and funding opportunities to support your venture development

Meet, connect and collaborate with other like-minded people to achieve great things together.

So what are you waiting for?

We're launching in KNUST in early October. Register to be a member now!

Membership Registration for N-Club KNUST is now open. Register now and learn all the basic skills you need to build your dream tech startup.

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