Nsesa runs SuaCode Africa — Africa’s First Smartphone-Based Online Coding Course

April 8, 2020


Nsesa foundation successfully ran SuaCode Africa in 2019, a smartphone-based online coding course for young Africans — a first in Africa. The program was overseen by Prince Annor, who led the program as SuaCode Lead and 2019 Processing Foundation Fellow. Prince was mentored by George Boateng, Cofounder, and President of Nsesa Foundation who ran a pilot of the SuaCode program in 2018 as Processing Foundation Fellow.



The program attracted applications from 709 Africans living in 37 countries across Africa and the diaspora. Out of that number, 210 learners were admitted (25% female) and 151 completed resulting in a 72% completion rate.


A pie graph with different segments representing the different countries in Africa. Nigeria has the largest segment at 29.7%.


Learners were introduced to the Processing programming language, read lesson notes which were hosted on Google Classroom, wrote code with the APDE app and eventually, built a pong game at the end. Learners received help from their peers and facilitators when they ran into issues. Learners who had outstanding performance had a mentoring session with a tech professional at Google.



The feedback from the learners were encouraging with several of them appreciating the experience taking the course.

A student post from Elochukwu Uzim that reads, “Who would have thought?! I just created my first program!!!…”



The program had a globally distributed team of 12 facilitators across 3 continents supporting students in various ways such as answering questions when they run into issues and encouraging them when things get tough.

Portraits of the 15 team members of SuaCode Africa in individual circles, with their names and job descriptions.


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