Meet Princess Allotey – Project iSWEST 2014

May 14, 2018


1. Tell Us a bit about yourself and what you are currently involved in.

I am Princess Allotey from Accra, Ghana. I love kids and I love Mathematics. I am currently the Executive Director of Kids and Math Organization, a non-profit organization that seeks to help kids realize and appreciate the versatility of Mathematics. I also manage the STEM WOW Project, an initiative by Nsesa Foundation that seeks to tell stories of inspirational African Women who are rocking in the field of STEM. I am also a student at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky where I am pursuing a Major in Mathematics.

2. What motivated you to apply for Project iSWEST?

I was a high school graduate then and I was interested in exploring my interests. I knew I was interested in Mathematics but I was not sure what I could do with that interest. When I heard of Project iSWEST from a friend, I decided to take part to explore my interests then.

3. Share some the experiences you had at Project iSWEST.

I had my first opportunity to program using Python and to meet people who were also interested in the STEM field and or were already in the STEM field. I still connect with these people and they have played an instrumental part in my entrepreneurship career.

I also got the opportunity to develop my communication skills and teamwork skills since I was working with a team on a project and I had to learn how to communicate with them. As the team leader, I had to learn how to harness their strengths to help achieve our team goal of develop a vegetable storage device for rural farmers.

4. How has attending Project iSWEST impacted you?

Project iSWEST was a form of initiation, for me, into the entrepreneurial field as I met my first “mentors” there and started creating a network of entrepreneurs. Two months after Project iSWEST, I founded the first youth-led organization on Ghana that seeks to help kids realize and appreciate the versatility of Mathematics. We have currently reached 500 kids in Ghana and have chapters in Accra, Kumasi, Navrongo with new ones starting in Akatsi and Koforidua soon.

5. What are your best memories from Project iSWEST?

My best memory was learning how to code in Python, and Arduino Programming. I always thought programming was a no-go area for me because I thought it was too difficult. However, I think it is really interesting!

6. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to consider applying for Project iSWEST?

Go for it! You will never know what will come out of your taking part in Project iSWEST but I know it will be something good! Also, be ready to go outside your comfort zone since that will help you learn more about yourself!

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