Meet Sharon Muchirawehondo of Midllands State University Tech Hub, Zimbabwe

August 18, 2018


Sharon’s Biography

Sharon Muchirawehondo developed an early interest in Information Technology studies for she grew up surrounded by quite a number of boys who were always glued up unto Desktops and video games. She then developed a curious mind as to how technology can actually change the world be it socially, economically or environmentally. Driven by her curious mind in 2015, she then enrolled at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe to study Bsc Information Systems honours Degree. She will be graduating by the end of this year. Currently, she is working at Plan International as an IT intern, at the same time pursuing her IT studies.

Midllands State University Tech hub is an ICT society for MSU students. This is a group that endeavours to establish a vibrant ICT community at Midlands State university so as to bring together passionate students, lecturers as well as IT public figures in Zimbabwe for networking and mentor-ship purposes.

She is also a member of ENACTUS


Besides being passionate about Technology, Sharon could not see herself doing anything else besides what she is doing now. Her decision to join the sciences was concretized by her love for science subjects like Mathematics. She liked Math since primary school. Also, Sharon likes to take up challenges and she saw STEM as one good challenge that is remunerating well in this era. In short, Sharon joined STEM for the love of Technology and Math. She got this inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma.

Greatest Achievements

Having worked for a very small company in Zimbabwe, a private limited company and a Non-Governmental Organisation in her line of work (i.e IT at the age of 22)  is an achievement because employment is a problem in Zimbabwe and having worked for different companies at that age before the completion of her degree shows that she is competent in the IT industry.

Challenges faced as a woman in STEM

According to Sharon, It is very difficult to be a lady in her industry because some people still believe it is a man’s job – other companies in the corporate world prefer hiring males because they say females are vulnerable thus they can’t be seen climbing ladders and getting into the ceiling to run cables.

Advice to budding women in STEM

Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities because only you can change your life. Let us pave way for women in STEM, it will have a positive impact to generations to come. Never mind the challenges you might face in this journey but always remember that anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

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