Meet Uffa Modey, Community Outreach Officer at Eko-Konnect Research and Education Initiative, Nigeria

September 11, 2018


Uffa’s Bio
I am a Nigerian female who is passionate about impacting positive change in the
ICT sector. I currently am the Community Outreach Officer at Eko-Konnect Research
and Education Initiative, an organization charged with deploying networks for
research and education purposes in Nigeria. I implement various capacity building
programs aimed at empowering young Nigerians with the necessary technical skills
sets required for them to excel as tech leaders.I obtained my B.Eng in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of Benin, Nigeria. In 2016 & 2017 was an Internet Society Youth@IGF fellow. Along with some other Internet Society (ISOC) fellows, I co-founded Digital Grassroots Initiative (​​). Digital Grassroots is a youth led network developed to engage young people in addressing issues of Internet Governance at a grassroots level in their local communities. I am the Chair of the Stakeholder Engagement and Member Development working group in my local ISOC chapter, ISOC Nigeria.
I participate actively as a community member in my Regional Internet Registry,
AfriNIC. This year, I attended the Africa Internet Summit and AfriNIC-28 public
meeting as a 2018 AfriNIC fellow and contributed to the AfriNIC policy development
Process. I am also an Expert Online Course moderator for the Internet Society Youth@IGF
Program, an annual program aimed at grooming the next generation of Internet
governance leaders globally.

Why did you get into STEM?
Ever since i can recall, i have always been passionate and fascinated about creating
solutions to problems in my environments. I was also very interested in the
sciences especially mathematics and physics since my secondary school years. The
combination of my passion for problem solving and technology inspired me to
pursue a career in Engineering in University.

What do you consider your greatest achievements?
Well, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment and fulfillment each time I accomplish
any task I set out to do. Growing up, I did not realise how much potential and value
I had to offer. I always second-guessed myself because I did not think I was “that
good”. Now, each time I push myself to do something outside my comfort zone, I
feel extremely accomplished. My greatest achievement is realising my potential and
finding the confidence to pursue my desired career in Internet governance.

What challenges have you faced as a woman in STEM and how did you
overcome them?
As a member of the female minority in my chosen career, i always put in the extra
effort to stand out and not just blend and fade into the background. I always give
200% in all my endeavours. I make a conscious effort to attain top results and not
conform to any of the stereotypes associated with women in STEM.

What is your advice to budding women in STEM?
Always remain true to yourself. Find your passion and pursue it aggressively.
Always strive to be way above average. Never be intimidated by anything or
anyone. Remember to always be your own driving force and push yourself to be

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  1. Nkansah stella

    Am really proud of you dear its my dream to become a woman like you


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