SuaCode Ghana 2019 – Ghana’s First Smartphone-Based Coding Workshop

February 15, 2020


There is a new, strong wind blowing along the coast of Ghana. Students are sitting in a classroom, heads down, busy on their phones. No, they aren’t WhatsApping. They are writing code and building apps, all from their phones! This is no future aspiration. It’s reality, happening now. This new wind is called SuaCode Ghana by Nsesa Foundation! Innovative, Revolutionary, Game-changing!

Our President, George Boateng who is a PhD Candidate at ETH Zurich, Switzerland taught coding to 32 students from 8am to 5pm each day for 2 days from 23rd-24th December 2019 at the Christian University College Ghana. It was super exhausting but worth it!

The class was packed with students, eager to learn to code on their phones. Some traveled from far for this — Kumasi, Cape Coast, and Akwatia. Students came with their phones, learned fundamental coding concepts, received guidance from our facilitators and built the working mechanism of a pong game. Overall, the program was a success!!

We are grateful to Christian University College’s Dean of Engineering, Mr. Amadi Amponsah and the Provost and President, Dr. Ahlijah for providing us the venue for the program. We are Team Nsesa. We are on a mission to teach millions across Africa to code using their smartphones! And we are building innovative AI-powered software systems to make that happen.

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