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SuaCode – Breaking the Coding Barrier in Africa with Smartphones

SuaCode is a mobile-based online coding course that aims to teach millions across the African continent how to code! Learners will be introduced to the fundamentals of software programming in the Processing language using their smartphones with the Android Processing Development Environment. Processing is a visual and interactive programming language based on the Java programming language. Because of its graphical and interactive nature, it is an ideal choice of language to teach introductory programming. The only requirements for joining SuaCode are an Android device and a commitment to learning.

During SuaCode Africa, 100 students across the continent will get the opportunity to be introduced to basic coding concepts over a 2-month period. The course will run for 8 weeks from May – July 2019. Students will be expected to commit 3-5 hours a week, submit assignments each week for the 6 assignments, and complete the course within this period. As a result, do not apply for this cycle if you cannot commit this amount of time.

Students that complete this 8-week online course will receive a certificate and those that complete assignments with outstanding performance will have mentoring sessions with professionals from tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

Deadline is Wednesday, 1st May and acceptances will be sent out the next day. Accepted students will have 3 days to confirm their acceptance otherwise their spot will be given to another person on the waitlist. Therefore regularly check the email you provide in the signup form and also follow our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nsesafoundation/ for updates. The course will start in the 1st week of May 2019.


SuaCode was a truly accidental project that was born out of our need to innovate around the lack of laptops at our 4th annual Project iSWEST in 2017, leading us to introduce students to coding with smartphones – a first of its kind in Ghana! Most recently, we’ve published a paper of our work showing that with access to only a smartphone, a computer isn’t needed to introduce Ghanaian high school students to fundamental programming concepts. Over the course of the months, we hope to reach thousands more Africans, teaching them how to code from their smartphones.

Potential Impact

With the projected 929.9 million smartphones in Africa by the year 2021, we have a grandiose plan to democratize STEM education in Africa: teach millions of Africans with no access to computers and limited internet access how to code on smartphones via our project SuaCode. Through SuaCode, we will bring coding skills within arms reach of people across Africa, literally into their palms, thereby breaking the coding barrier in Africa as well as bridging its digital divide!


We recently received a fellowship from the Processing Foundation to launch SuaCode Africa like we did last year with the first pilot of SuaCode. We also received funding to support the project after being selected as a finalist for the 2017 Milken-Penn Business plan competition which is considered the most prestigious education business plan competition in the United States of America. We also received funding from Dartmouth’s Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship.


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We are currently looking for partnerships and contacts to publicize SuaCode Africa across the continent.

Email: suacode.app@gmail.com




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