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Tiwonge Lwara, Malawi

SuaCode is one of the best online training opportunities. I really like the way the tutors were committed to guide and aid us throughout the course. I can’t wait to be invited again for Advanced Lessons in the near future

Mohammed Adam, Sudan

Before this course, I wasn’t able to write two code sentences together. Honestly, I didn’t think that I will keep up until the last. Many times I wanted to give up. But now I finished the course, and guess what, I can write a ping pong game and play with it on my phone. That would have sounded hilarious to me one month ago!

Thato Nicole Tau, Botswana

As a first-time coder, I had many reservations at the beginning of the program. From day one the Suacode team was very hands-on in whatever we needed assistance with. With every week of the program, I saw myself grow to enjoy coding more and more! This was such a great experience for me and I’m certain that I’ll be continuing on this journey



Segun Omole, Nigeria

I joined the program with practically no knowledge of programming and left with a strong foundation in coding established. The mentors were very supportive and always made themselves available to help us in any way we needed. I felt very pleased with the end result as I was able to make my very own video game in five weeks time. I fully recommend the program to every newcomer to code.


Elizabeth Fio, Ghana

It was fun and interesting going through the programming course. I have learnt a lot and guess what, I got an internship that requires me to use what we just learnt. I am really grateful and don’t regret being part of this life-changing experience.



Million Mulugeta Habtegebrel, Ethiopia

Suacode made coding simple as it just uses our smartphones to write our first game — the “pong”. I hope such a project will continue to enlighten the coding eyes of other Africans and will contribute greatly to the development of this great continent.



Ajenganyi Solange Achankeng, Cameroon

Suacode happens to be my first coding program. It was an exciting journey throughout with amazing facilitators present to help at every given moment. Who would have thought I could one day use theoretical knowledge to actually build some game, seems impossible right? But it’s real — everyone can. There isn’t any gender gap — all is determination and focus. Never say never!

Abakar Mahamat, Chad

I was so excited to have a new experience — coding on a smartphone. This is a new and much better way for me to use my smartphone. I don’t even know how to express my gratefulness. A lot of thanks to SuaCode.


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SuaCode Africa 2.0 is a smartphone-based online course to teach coding to Africans with little or no programming experience.And for the first time, the program will be in both English and French! You would need an Android smartphone to take part in this course.

In this cohort, 1,000 students will get the opportunity to be introduced to basic coding concepts over a 2-month period and build a mobile app in the process. Selected learners will receive FULL SCHOLARSHIPS sponsored by Nsesa Foundation to partake in this cohort and hence will not have to pay anything.

SuaCode Africa 2.0 will run for 8 weeks from 1st May 2020 – 1st July 2020. Learners will be expected to commit 3-5 hours a week, submit assignments each week, and complete the course within this period. As a result, do not apply for this cycle if you cannot commit this amount of time.

Learners that complete this 8-week online course will receive a certificate and those that complete assignments with outstanding performance and proactively help other learners on the course forum will have mentoring sessions with professionals from tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

In addition, female applicants accepted into SuaCode Africa 2.0 will be admitted into Nsesa Foundation’s STEM WOW Mentoring program where they will have an exclusive mentoring session with one of our STEM WOWs — an inspirational African woman in STEM.

The application deadline is Thursday, 30, April 2020 at 11:59 GMT and acceptances will be sent out the next day, 1st May 2020. Accepted students will have 3 days to confirm their acceptance otherwise their spot will be given to another person on the waitlist. Therefore regularly check the email you provide in the application form and also follow our Facebook pages to see our post updates on the program.

To increase your odds of being selected, your application should reflect that you have familiarized yourself with the vision, mission of Nsesa Foundation, as well as the goals and intended impact of SuaCode.

Happy #SuaCoding

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is SuaCode Africa 2.0?
SuaCode Africa 2.0 is a smartphone-based online course to teach coding to Africans with little or no programming experience.

What will I gain from taking part in SuaCode Africa 2.0?
You will learn basic coding concepts (such as variables, conditionals, functions) while building a mobile game in the process — pong game. You will get a certificate after completing and if you do exceptionally well, you will get the opportunity to have a mentoring session with an Africa professional at Google.

Why should I apply for SuaCode Africa 2.0?
Because it’s an amazing opportunity to learn to code in a fun way using your phone in a community of other Africans. I don’t know where else you will get such an opportunity.

What is the requirement to take part in the program?
You need to have an Android smartphone and an interest to learn coding

What programming language will the program teach?
A Java-based language called Processing. So basically, Java.

When will the program take place?
May 1st — July 1st 2020

Where will it take place?
Completely Online. #StayAtHome

Do I have to pay for SuaCode Africa 2.0?
No. Nsesa Foundation is sponsoring full scholarships for all selected learners

Do I need to have some coding experience before applying?
No. In fact, SuaCode Africa is targeted at people that have never written a line of code before – complete beginners

What is the application deadline?
Thursday, 30th April 2020 at 11:59 pm GMT

When will decisions be sent?
1st May 2020

Do I have to live in a country in Africa to take part in the program?
No. The program is open to Africans currently living in countries outside of Africa

How will students be selected?
It will be a two-stage process evaluating

  1. Strong motivation for learning to code
  2. Willingness to work hard. 

First stage: based on the application information provided, a number of learners will be conditionally accepted. Second stage: all conditionally accepted students will have to be given preliminary access to the course platform, and will be required to submit the first assignment after completing the first lesson with the help of facilitators. Based on the results of this first assignment, the best 1000 students will be selected and officially accepted into the program. Learners that do to make a submission for the first assignment will automatically be rejected. This process ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn to code as long as:

  1. They have a strong motivation (as demonstrated by the application submitted) and
  2. They work hard (demonstrated by completing the first assignment).

How will I know if I have been selected?
All applicants will receive an email after the application deadline. Make sure to add our email address ( to your contacts so our email does not go to your spam. Also, make sure to like and follow our Facebook pages as we will post updates there.

Who oversees the program?
  • George Boateng (Ghanaian), President of Nsesa Foundation and PhD Candidate at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Isaac Attuah (Ghanaian), SuaCode Lead and Computer Science student at the University of Miami, U.S.

I have a question which is not on the website, who can I ask?
Email your question to