Ziad Hatab- Project iSWEST 2017

June 26, 2018


1. Tell Us a bit about yourself and what you are currently involved in.

I am Ziad Hatab, an alumni of Mfantsipim School.

2. What motivated you to apply for Project iSWEST?

I am an engineering enthusiast. Prior to applying for iSWEST, i had not had much exposure to the world of computing and programming. I jumped at the opportunity to apply for Project iSWEST to learn more about computers.

3. Share some the experiences you had at Project iSWEST.

I enjoyed the whole iSWEST experience even to the moments i worked on assignments at home, but my favourite experience was the lunch breaks we had. It allowed me to socialise with other participants while enjoying the food.

4. How has attending Project iSWEST impacted you?

Project iSWEST made me very innovative. I have built some very simple applications to help people with some daily activities. An example is a random decision making application i have built to assist in making unbiased decisions.

5. What are your best memories from Project iSWEST?

My best memories are the lunch breaks we took to eat and socialise, that was the most exciting part if the day.

6. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to consider applying for Project iSWEST?

My advice for new iSWEST participants is that you should enjoy the whole iSWEST experience because at iSWEST, you are not just introduced to new concepts but rather to a new community. The people you meet and the relationships you build there matter as much as what you learn there.

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